Addiction Counselling

Mombasa addiction counsellor

Do you have desire to stop drinking?

​Are you concerned about your drinking, drug use, or other potentially addictive behavior, but feel traditional 12-step or rehab programs are not for you? I offer a personalized behavioral assessment, and together we'll develop an integrative treatment plan, tailored to your needs and finances, with the primary goal to change your thinking about (and your relationship to) alcohol, drugs, or whatever the object of your addictive behavior may be.

Meet The New Alternative to Residential Treatment -Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) For Drug Addiction Help

Signs of addiction include:

-Increasing tolerance, or the need to consume more of the substance to reach the desired altered state.
-Requiring the substance throughout the day.
-Seeking the company of other users and cutting off social ties with non-users.
-Dismissing or resenting expressions of concern from loved ones.
-Avoiding other activities and failing to meet obligations.
-Experiencing withdrawal symptoms in the absence of the substance.
-Hiding use from family and friends.
-Binging—using heavily—for many hours or several days.
-Feeling unable to quit.