Anger Management Therapy in Mombasa

Anger Therapy

Anger Therapy in Mombasa

When your anger goes unchecked, it gets in the way of your work, relationships, and sometimes even your health.

If someone in your life has commented on your anger, it’s definitely time to get help.

People often come to counseling for anger management when they experience:

-Less patience than normal
-Difficulty dealing with typical daily stressors like traffic, waiting in line, being told “no,” etc.
-Minor disagreements at home or at work that turn into huge blowouts
-Anger expressed physically toward inanimate objects or people
-Increased substance use
-Increase in impulsive, risky behaviors
-Heightened anxiety (and at times, difficulty differentiating between anger and anxiety)
-Feedback about your anger from co-workers and supervisors

Are you ready to overcome your anger?

We’ll equip you with anger management tools that you can start using as soon as the first session.
When appropriate, we’ll also help you examine deeper roots of your anger.
Frustration is a normal part of life, but anger can spiral into big problems.

Reach out for a consultation and start anger counselling today


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