Anxiety Counselling

Help for Anxiety Disorders

The term “anxiety” is used frequently. However, individuals who are experiencing severe anxiety aren’t just a bit stressed out and their symptoms are actually interfering with their functioning. The symptoms seen in anxiety disorders can be intense and very difficult to cope with. 

If you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety such as panic attacks, physical pain, difficulty sleeping, changes in eating or other habits, nightmares, or other distressing symptoms it may be time to seek professional assistance. 

The symptoms may not diminish on their own and they are not just something you can ignore or run from hoping they will go away. Without professional assistance, many individuals find that their symptoms of anxiety may actually worsen. 

Counselling has been shown to significantly improve quality of life. We integrate various therapy approaches to help treat anxiety disorders including interpersonal/relational therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. 

We attempt to heal by defining the negative impacts in your life and actively develop techniques to help cope with or resolve these. We also explore your relationship patterns, psychology, and patterns throughout your life which may be influencing your symptoms so that we can help diminish them and create new coping skills, relationships, and ways of relating.

Once you have recognized that you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety that are negatively affecting your life, it may be time to consider visiting us. We are licensed clinical therapists. Therapy is successful at treating anxiety symptoms, whether it is used on its own or along with medication management by an outside third-party psychiatrist or nurse practitioner. 

Through counselling sessions you will learn important life skills and tools that will allow you to start to reduce the amount of tension in your life, cope with stressors proactively, and increase your resilience. This will help you in your personal, relational, and work life. We want you to be able to enjoy your life. You do not have to live a stressed out, overwhelming, excruciating existence. You are already making progress by reading this, take another step and contact us for help.

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