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Couple Counselling in Mombasa

It is based on the assumption that the two people who come together in a relationship carry a separate and unique psychological heritage. Each carries a personal history and a set of hidden internalized objects in all subsequent dealings with the other person.

Relationship trouble? Start couples therapy for boyfriend and girlfriend. 

Therefore, the way each person has experienced relationships within their paternal family greatly affects the way they relate to their romantic partners today.

The different characters, needs and desires of each partner, the ever-increasing demands of everyday life, as well as the changes resulting from the different phases of the couple's life cycle (eg, the birth of a child, the loss of a parent) cause various difficulties to the couple. Difficulties can be expressed through the lack of mutual understanding and emotional closeness, the absence of mutual satisfaction, conflicts, frustration and feelings of insecurity.

The goal of couple counselling is, on the one hand, to uncover the unresolved intrapsychic problems of the partners that prevent them from enjoying a productive and satisfying marital experience, and on the other hand, to think about why they are together, to explore the dynamics of their relationship, as it evolves over time. , to recognize their needs and look for ways to enjoy their life together.

The therapist or therapists (it is possible that two therapists attend the meetings with the couple) take care to help the couple to define the issues that make it difficult for them, to express repressed thoughts and feelings, to understand each other's position, to discover new communication codes, so that he experiences the relationship in a different way. Creating a framework of trust and taking into account the relationships in the paternal family, the expectations, capabilities and intentions of each member separately is an opportunity to improve communication between them and to feel that a third party really understands what is going on in their relationship.

Couple counselling in Mombasa for

After the therapeutic session ends, partners may choose to continue their lives together, or they may realize that it would be better to go their separate ways. Regardless of the partners' final choices as to whether they want to continue their relationship or not, this experience is an invaluable mental resource for their next choices.

The couple counsellor in Mombasa wants to help you.

Couple counselling can help with these common problems:

Marriage counseling can help with these common problems:

Communication Difficulties: You feel that your mate simply doesn’t hear you or understand you. And it hurts.*

Arguing over the same things day in and day out: You think that one day your mate will finally agree with you – but instead, the arguing escalates or one of you withdraws into silence.

Trust Issues: Your partner won’t let you see his/her phone

Infidelity or Affair: You aren’t sure what to do now. Can you restore trust and stay married after the affair?

Anxiety: When you aren’t sure where you stand in your relationship, it can cause stress, heartbreak, and anxiety.

Intimacy issues: Your sex life isn’t what it once was – whether due to children, aging, or emotional distance.

Parenting issues: You both want the best for your children, but disagree on “what is best.”

If you are experiencing trouble in your relationship such as feeling distant, difficulty communicating, or just not “feeling the love” then we’d like to help.

Our mission is to help couples develop and maintain a happy, healthy, loving relationship. If that sounds good to you, then you are in the right place.

“But what if my partner doesn’t want to come in for couples counselling?”

This is actually quite common. And, yes, we would love to have both partners commit to working together on the relationship. Couples therapy works well when we have two partners committed to improving the relationship. However, we have successfully helped” many relationships improve – with just one person coming for “couples counseling.” We call it Couples Counseling for One.

We believe you can improve your relationship by becoming more aware of what you need, what you believe your partner needs, and then making some adjustments to how you interpret and respond in your interactions. We think that is great news: You have the opportunity to improve your relationship without struggling to get your mate to change.

But make no mistake, our goal with “couples counselling for one” is the same as if both partners were there. We will listen to what you say your mate complains about, try to help you see it in a new way, and help you communicate in a way your partner is likely to hear you. Our desire is to help you see how you can be a better, more loving partner – which we’ve found often results in a happy relationship for both of you. (Plus it is a lot easier than trying to force someone else to change, right?)

If not now, when?

Please don’t wait until the distance between you has grown too great. Consider couples therapy today. Because you deserve love. And we want to help you have a more healthy, fulfilling, and loving relationship.