September 16

How to Cultivate More Joy in Your Life

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We all know life can be hectic and chaotic. One surefire way to counteract the stress and fast paced nature of our society is to take time to appreciate moments that spark joy. Cultivating joy in your life is a process of zooming in and zooming out. We can zoom in to find joy in the little ants marching along, or zoom out to notice the sunset sky. When we shift our perspective, magic moments of joy are everywhere.

How do we cultivate joy in our lives when we’re feeling depressed or anxious?

Start by practicing a grounding technique to connect to one of the five senses.

Here are some examples:


  • Get a yummy beverage and savor every sip
  • Prepare a homemade meal and share it with a loved one


  • Sit in the park or in a comfortable place and watch the birds hop around
  • Notice the way the wind blows through the leaves of the tree


  • Pet a fluffy animal
  • Hug a loved one


  • Bake something delicious and let the smell fill up the whole house
  • Light your favorite scented candle


  • Play your favorite music
  • Tune in to the sound of the city: laughter in the park, traffic noise, your neighbor’s dog barking

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