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How To Handle New Year Anxiety

We’re usually busy and focused on what we need to do up until the holidays. Many people are filled with excitement and adrenaline from Celebrations to New Year’s Eve. However, when January 1st arrives, the adrenaline stops and our brains almost freeze.

New year anxiety is typically caused by a combination of factors that add up to a feeling of anxiety. These factors can range from the practical (overloaded schedules, extended time spent with family, financial strain) to the existential (i.e., “What am I doing with my life?”).

Anxiety is never a good feeling, especially after the stress of the holidays and the added pressure to make this the “best year ever!” Many of us experience anxiety at the start of the year.

This article will discuss how to deal with New Year’s anxiety.

Make Your Days More Structured

Maintaining your regular self-care routine (if you have one) or scheduling time for yourself is one of the simplest ways to manage anxiety. This is an excellent time to check in with yourself and be honest about how you are feeling.

Instead of making resolutions, practice mindful planning.

New Year’s resolutions are obsolete. Create realistic deadlines and achievable milestones for larger changes instead. When you set practical goals for yourself, you will feel more accomplished when you achieve them.

Selective Commitment

Over-commitment can be a serious barrier to achieving our goals and resolutions. It’s difficult to say no and risk being perceived as the bad guy, but putting too much pressure on ourselves to be and do everything leaves no room for us to grow in the areas that are most important to us.

Exercise Self-Compassion

You can still achieve your goal even if you did not complete something you had planned for yourself in the previous year. Perhaps you need to make some changes to your strategy in order to be successful this time. But you must remind yourself that it is okay to fail and that it may take several attempts to get there.

New Year’s anxiety is completely normal, and you are not alone in feeling this way. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you relax and enjoy the New Year! Our counselors use science-based practices to help with anxiety and teach you how to incorporate mindfulness practices into your daily routine. Speak with a therapist at Counselling Kenya today.

Counsellor near you in Mombasa
Counsellor near you in Mombasa

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