Are you worried your partner is having a physical or emotional affair?

Infidelity counsellor in Mombasa

Is this happening to you?

-Your Partner Seems Distracted/Distant
-Your Partner Won’t Answer their Cell Phone When You’re Present
-Your Partner Has Suddenly Changed His/Her Appearance

-Your Partner Has a New Friend They Talk About Often
-Your Partner Has New Interests and Different Opinions
-Your Partner Is Staying Up Later than Usual, On the Computer
-Your Partner Won’t Let you Read their Text Messages or Hides Their Phone When You’re Around
-Your Cell Log Suddenly Shows a Scores of Text Messages to One Number1

If You’re Having One or More of the Experiences Listed Above,
Your Relationship Is Probably Dealing with a Serious Trust Issue, and
You Should Take Action to Rebuild Trust Before it Gets Any Worse.

Consider Couples Counseling or Marriage Counseling at Orange County Relationship Center. Our experienced, licensed counselors use proven strategies to help motivated couples rebuild their relationship.

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