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Help for Life Transitions and Stress Management

Life Transitions

Our development continues long after childhood and across the entire life span as our circumstances change and our roles continue to evolve. Life transitions include moving, starting and finishing school, changing jobs or careers, marriage and childbirth, and retirement among many others. These transitions can be exciting and rewarding but often involve some anxiety, stress and possibly depressive symptoms as the changes can be overwhelming. Therapy can be a useful tool to sort out feelings about these changes and to make decisions about your future.

Stress Management

Stress is a common response to the demands we face in life. Stress has been shown to have an impact on both our emotional and physical health. Learning to manage the way you react in response to stressful events in your life will improve your sense of well-being. Effective stress management emphasizes distinguishing between the factors in your life that you can control and those that are beyond your control. Stress management depends upon making these distinctions and developing effective problem solving, assertiveness, relaxation and other skills.

Counselling has been shown to significantly improve quality of life. We integrate various therapy approaches including interpersonal/relational therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. 

We attempt to heal by defining the negative impacts in your life and actively develop techniques to help cope with or resolve these. We also explore your relationship patterns, psychology, and patterns throughout your life which may be influencing your symptoms so that we can help diminish them and create new coping skills, relationships, and ways of relating.

Once you have recognized that you are experiencing symptoms that are negatively affecting your life, it may be time to consider visiting us. Through counseling sessions you will learn important life skills and tools that will allow you to start to reduce the amount of tension in your life, cope with stressors proactively, and increase your resilience. This will help you in your personal, relational, and work life. At Counselling Kenya, we want you to be able to enjoy your life. You are already making progress by reading this, take another step and contact us for help.

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