Sex and good relationship with our partners boost us psychologically

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We live in a society that focuses on sexuality, and sexual satisfaction. Most people are either in a relationship, have been, or would like to be…

And almost everyone lives with issues related to sexuality: if they are sexually active, and how often. In reality, we all need a relationship, for this ‘merging’ with the other, and not to be alone.

Sex plays a very important role in our lives.

It has a special meaning for each of us, whether it means love, or simply a passionate adventure that gives immense satisfaction.

But as far as sex in a stable relationship is concerned, it is a determining factor for the future of this couple, but also for the psychology of each individual. For example, ask yourself: how many times did your day go wrong and you were angry and angry because you had a heated discussion/argument, or even a simple disagreement with your partner.. If you didn’t find them by the end of the day, maybe you had sex at night ;

And another thing: how many times have you felt more productive at work, your mood lifted when things are going smoothly with your partner… You laugh, you have a lot to say to each other, and you can’t resist your sexual urges. Whatever you ask for you get (sexually), and you feel a general satisfaction..

It’s a fact that a couple’s communication in the bedroom says a lot about how they relate outside.

The truth is we need sex.

It is beneficial not only for the mental but also for the physical health of a person. In recent years, many studies have been carried out that investigate the action of biological and psychological factors that contribute to the positive effect of sex in removing stress, increasing self-confidence and reducing depression. Many scientists have concluded that sex also helps the human body function better.

What’s happening to us: Biology

Through the sexual act, endorphins are released in the brain, which are substances that have a similar effect to that of morphine. They significantly reduce the sensation of pain, and with the orgasm that follows, one experiences a relief which in turn has a positive effect on the mood. 

The deep breaths that are always present during a sexual activity better oxygenate the blood and supply oxygen to the organs and tissues, which is why it relaxes the body and reduces the feeling of stress (which is why it is very easy to fall asleep immediately after the end of the sexual act).

Then the feeling of touch (touching, caressing) and massage, brings an emotional intimacy between the two. Research has shown that women who had sex with emotional and physical intimacy were more likely to be in a better mood and less stressed the next day. They concluded that having sex decreases the blood levels of cortisone, which is the stress hormone. Conversely, the same was not found in women who reached orgasm without a sexual partner.

In general with regard to physical health, it has been established that sex life strengthens our immune system (the defense system of the human body), contributes to better heart function, can protect us from the occurrence of some forms of cancer and generally helps to extend time of life.


Research has confirmed that people with a sex life are more cheerful and optimistic and have little chance of developing mental illnesses, such as phobias, anxiety and depression. This fact is undoubtedly due to the fact that these people are more satisfied, happy and feel good about themselves.

When you are in a stable relationship, and your sex life suffers or is completely absent, for some it can mean that it is a sign of rejection. This can lead to low self-esteem, since it is reasonable for this person to feel that they cannot sexually arouse their partner, and that they are also to blame for their partner’s reduced sexual desire. In short, many insecurities are created, and a negative self-image. The love magic and free expression of the individual is lost and other personal issues are created internally.

Continuing, a good sex life appears to enhance a couple’s emotional communication and companionship. Couples who have frequent sex seem to be happier and more connected, and both partners have good communication with each other. This also contributes to positive thinking, which is often present in such functional relationships.

Positive thinking can do wonders!

No, it will not provide solutions to problems or magically make unpleasant situations disappear. But it can certainly offer a completely different perspective on issues that may arise between the couple . For example, while other times when you were in a negative mood (nerves, anxiety) and thought more negatively, you would find trivial things as an excuse to fight with your partner. But when you think more positively, your mood will also be affected, and you will have more patience, calmness and above all, you will smile! And, best of all: you might also inspire your partner to filter situations through another, more creative, point of view.

Things are less tragic when you are more positive, and as a result you are more creative in finding solutions to potential issues that arise in your relationship.

A balanced relationship helps build a positive self-image where a person does not feel incomplete, failed and incapable. On the contrary: by showing him respect and trust, an inner calm and then an emotional balance occurs. All of us have a deep desire for affection, care, love and harmony. Through the sexual act one experiences the love and acceptance of one’s partner. He remains fascinated and believes that maybe, just maybe, he too is a worthy person and deserves such ‘treatment’. He lets go, agrees to lose control and allow himself to show his sensitive parts to his partner. Intimacy is necessary and legitimate for a couple (especially if they have been together for many years). Intimacy is what helps the couple communicate:

For a relationship to survive and endure over time, both partners are required to understand each other, show patience and persistence, and not stop enjoying every romantic moment, as if it were their first time again ..

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