Helping your teens thrive

Teen counselling | Teen Therapist in Mombasa

Teenage years are hard, but working with a teen counsellor can help.

There’s a big difference between surviving the teen years and actually thriving in them. We help teens develop new ways of coping with stress and anxiety so they can become more happy and resilient in every area of life.

Going through the natural progression from kid to adult is challenging for most people, but when is it time to reach out for help? Hormones can only explain so much.

In fact, anxiety, depression, and addiction are increasingly common for teenagers today, and waiting to get help can make things worse over time

Seeking therapy for minor issues can help prevent major issues down the road. 

We provide teens with support, giving them skills to help them navigate things like school and the anxieties/pressure that come alongside it successfully.

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Is your teen struggling with…

-Lack of motivation
-Social anxiety and shyness
-Struggling to find their identity
-Sadness and depression
-Sexuality concerns
-Coming out
-Behavior problems
-Substance abuse and addiction
-Academic issues
-Anger management
-Family concerns

We create a non-judgemental, collaborative partnership with your teen so they can freely explore their challenges and emerging identities.

We equip your teen with practical coping skills they can start using as soon as their first appointment.

When helpful, we’ll be a communication bridge between teens, parents, and siblings. And if you’d like us to collaborate directly with other important people in your teen’s life such as teachers, school administrators, social workers, nutritionists, or psychiatrists—we’ll happily do that too.

We care that your teen has a strong support system—to help navigate the journey from adolescence into adulthood with more resilience, confidence, courage, and joy.

Help your teen thrive by reaching out to us Today!