Feeling Anxious? Worrying Out of Control?
Or Feeling Betrayed? Relationship Trouble?

Mombasa therapist for anxiety and relationship want to help you. 

Couple counselling can be attended by one or two partners.

We Use Proven Strategies For Anxiety and Relationship Counselling – Blending The Latest Research With Caring Hearts

We have helped hundreds of people like you in Mombasa .

Make an appointment today for:

-Relationship counselling

-Couple counselling

-Drug Addiction Counselling

-Anxiety Treatment

-Grief Counselling

-Trauma Therapy

-Anger Management

-Depression Treatment

-Teen Counselling

It’s Time to Feel Better. We can help You.

Anxiety Counselling ➝ 

We can help you with:

-Out of control worrying
-Racing thoughts
-Feeling of ‘dread’
-Difficulty sleeping
-Relationship difficulties due to stress
-Reaching a new state of peace and ease

Marriage Counselling ➝ 

We can help you with:

-Trust issues or physical/emotional affairs
-Repetitive arguments or lack of communication
-Problems with sexual intimacy
-Feelings of emptiness or disconnection
-Questions about “should we stay together.”

What people are saying about us

“I chose Vivid Therapy because I wanted therapy that actually works. I was able to get started with a therapist quickly and painlessly, set clear therapy goals, and start achieving them in a matter of the first few sessions. Highly recommend.”



“Nancy is an incredible therapist. I’ve tried other therapists before but they just gave platitudes and tried to jump right into solution mode. Nancy takes the time to really understand your situation and piece by piece, work through things in a way that sets you up for long term success.”



Teletherapy Now Offered

Meet with your counsellor via a secure, easy-to-use video app.
Stay home. Be safe. Get the help you want. Learn more about Teletherapy ➝

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Finally! How to Find Peace of Mind Again with Cognitive Behavioral  Therapy(CBT)- (and without any medicine) 

Real Results Guaranteed for:
-Stress Treatment.
-Anxiety Treatment. 
-Depression Counselling. 
-Addiction Counselling. 
-Couple Counselling. 

18-page ebook including evidence based 3-step exercise you can implement under 30 days to overcome fear/anxiety

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