Communication between couples

How often do you and your partner miscommunicate?

Communication Training in Mombasa

If you’re like most couples, you and your partner speak different languages when it comes to expressing your needs. Successful communication between couples requires understanding, embracing, adapting to and loving those differences.
During couples counselling, we will spend time exploring your communication styles and helping you learn to coexist more effectively.

As Therapist, We Can Help You To:

-help you express your concerns directly
-learn to confront in a calm, focused manner
-argue productively and peacefully
-discuss difficult and painful topics

Learning to communicate effectively

How to Have Successful Communication Between Couples

Even the most loving, happy and in-sync couples have miscommunications and misunderstandings. Couples counseling can help you prevent those missteps from becoming a larger issue.

Successful communication between couples takes practice. It means being able to convey your feelings, thoughts and troubles in a way that your partner can hear them, without becoming defensive. Sometimes, it can even involve not communicating at all, until you are both ready.

Changing the way you communicate with your partner can alter the entire fabric of your relationship. For example, by learning to not shout at your partner during conflicts, you can transform the entire relationship into a calmer and more safe experience.

At Counselling Kenya, our compassionate couples counsellors have extensive experience helping couples improve their communication skills.

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-Theodore Roosevelt