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Do you experience chronic anxiety and overwhelm? Are you tired of living in fight or flight? Does having “To-do” lists make you feel in control, but it feels like the list never ends?

In today’s article, we’re going to explore some root causes of chronic overwhelm, stress, and anxiety so that you can reconnect to find yourself and find calm again.

At Counselling Kenya, your therapist will work with you to explore what is causing your chronic anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

While it is not a one size fits all, chronic nervous system dysregulation can often be an indicator of unresolved trauma. Trauma can come in many forms, being both a single event (like a car accident) or a long period of developmental trauma in childhood (growing up in a dysfunctional family). Understanding your trauma and working through it using evidence-based practices like EMDR can be an effective way to find relief from the chronic fear and stress.

Unresolved trauma can show up in unexpected ways in our adult lives. Becoming easily stressed out by daily tasks, unexpected changes, and responsibilities can trigger wounds from the past and leave you feeling chronically unsafe in your nervous system. Often as a result, one will become depressed after some time because the nervous system cannot maintain that level of heightened activity and adrenal fatigue can follow.

In moving forward with you life in a way that is healthy, stable, and free from chronic anxiety, addressing unresolved trauma is paramount. However, before you can begin to address the trauma, one needs to build a safe, supportive environment in their life to cushion the emotional weight of digging into the past.

Ever wonder why sometimes you feel worse when things are starting to get better in your life? This can be a sign that your basic needs are being met and now it is safe for the emotional pain to arise. Creating safety, learning nervous system regulation tools, and maintaining self-compassion will be vital for your healing journey. Speak more with your CK therapist to explore how to navigate this with a supportive professional.

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