Individual Mental Health Therapy & Counselling in Mombasa

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Individual Mental Health Therapy & Counselling in Mombasa

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Individual counselling is addressed to people who face difficulties and possibly present dysfunctions, in one or more of the fundamental areas of life such as: relationships (interpersonal, family, etc.), work (achieving goals, creativity, assuming responsibilities), mental or physical health (panic attacks, psychosomatic symptoms or chronic illnesses).

The goal of counselling is for the person to be able to understand himself and the feelings that the relationship with the other person generates, thus bringing about a change in dysfunctional ways of thinking and dysfunctional emotional reactions and behaviors, with the final result being the improvement of relationships and the resolution of internal conflicts.

More specifically, individual counselling can be requested by those who suffer from:

  • all kinds of intrapsychic conflicts,
  • impasses in interpersonal or parental relationships,
  • problems in relations with the spouse/partner,
  • communication issues with children,
  • generalized anxiety and internal tensions,
  • the persistence of negative feelings of guilt and remorse,
  • depression,
  • personality or behavior disorders from obsessions,
  • compulsions, phobias, psychosomatic symptoms
  • loss of loved one
  • sleep or eating disorders,
  • sexual dysfunctions

A basic condition in individual psychotherapy is the regular meetings of the treated person with the psychotherapist, in the psychotherapist's place, lasting 50 minutes, with a specific and pre-agreed frequency of sessions. During individual counselling sessions counsellor and client participate together in creating a relationship based on trust, confidentiality and honesty.

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