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We provide counselling services in Mombasa City for the following issues and more

Whether you want help coping with a temporary or ongoing issue, need to vent and sort through your feelings, or would like some guidance on deciding where and how to start in approaching your life circumstances, we are here.

Difficult experiences as well as normal human behavior can cause people to create defense mechanisms that can initially be useful and adaptive in the face of trauma or stress, but has the potential to become destructive if it is overused or has come to replace the ability to process and cope with painful thoughts and feelings due to a traumatic aspect.

This is often times at the root of anxiety, depression, relationship problems, insecurities, loneliness and other many other issues.

We believe that the combination of a trusting therapeutic alliance, discovery, understanding, and practical advice leads to the most beneficial outcome and helps in both the short and long term.

Reaching out is a big step and contacting a therapist is an accomplishment and sign of progress and growth in itself.

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