Premarital Counselling in Mombasa

Start your new life together on the right foot

Our premarital counselling in Mombasa will provide you and your spouse-to-be with a road map for marriage. Through communication and understanding, you can avoid pitfalls and build the strong, long lasting and loving relationship you dream of.

Do We Need Premarital Counselling?

Married or partnered life can be amazing, and it can also be a roller coaster of ups and downs. By solidifying your communication techniques and addressing any outstanding issues beforehand, premarital counseling can help ensure you are both ready to say “I do.”

What Do We Do in Premarital Counselling in Mombasa?

Our Mombasa premarital counselling addresses a wide range of issues, choices and topics, including:

  • Why marriage can be challenging & how it can be amazing
  • Why you chose your partner
  • How your childhood predicts your relationship struggles
  • The stages of relationship, from early romance to full maturity
  • Why you can talk to anyone else, but communicating with your partner sometimes brings out the worst in you
  • Preparing for the inevitable stressors (inlaws, finances, work-life balance)
  • Resolving old hurts, misunderstandings, and betrayals
  • How to turn your conflict into growth and fulfillment
  • How to keep the romance flowing