Relationship Counselling in Mombasa

Can counselling help a broken relationship?

When you feel trapped between staying in an unhappy relationship or just walking away, our counselling practice is here to restore hope that things can be better.

Have you ever found yourself so angry with your spouse, so tired of the constant conflict, or even bored with a relationship that seems to have lost its luster that you wonder…how on earth did we get to this point?

Will relationship counselling help?

When you decide to take the first step and seek relationship counselling, our counsellors can help you:

  1. Talk through your anger, frustration, lack of trust and other painful relationship issues in a neutral, judgment-free environment;
  2. Identify hidden resentments that might be clouding your day-to-day interactions;
  3. Learn and practice new communication and conflict-resolution skills;
  4. Discuss any problems (such as anxiety, or depression) that one partner may need to address through individual counseling.

These are just a few of the ways that counseling can help couples find hope again for the relationship and begin to work toward a stronger future together.

How does relationship counselling work?

For most people, the beginning of a relationship is the easiest. You seem to be on the same page about most issues. Getting along is almost effortless. Some couples describe this as a sense of ‘oneness’ – a merging of two people into a couple.

As time goes on, each partner realizes that all is not perfect. It is how they each look at their differences and respond to them that can predict a happy relationship or continuing struggles.

This is where couples counselling comes in. The licensed counselors at Counselling Kenya are experts at listening to each partner’s concerns and quickly identifying problems. Next, we help each partner to both understand their mate’s concerns and communicate his/her own.

Let's get started!
Please don’t wait until the distance between you has grown too great. Consider relationship counselling today. Because you deserve love. And we want to help you have a more healthy, fulfilling and loving relationship.
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“But what if my partner doesn’t want to come in for couples counseling?”

This is actually quite common. And, yes, we would love to have both partners commit to working together on the relationship. Relationship therapy works well when we have two partners committed to improving the relationship. However, we have successfully helped” many relationships improve – with just one person coming for “relationship counseling.” We call it Relationship/Couple Counselling for One.

We believe you can improve your relationship by becoming more aware of what you need, what you believe your partner needs, and then making some adjustments to how you interpret and respond in your interactions. We think that is great news: You have the opportunity to improve your relationship without struggling to get your mate to change.

But make no mistake, our goal with “relationship counseling for one” is the same as if both partners were there. We will listen to what you say your mate complains about, try to help you see it in a new way, and help you communicate in a way your partner is likely to hear you. Our desire is to help you see how you can be a better, more loving partner – which we’ve found often results in a happy relationship for both of you. (Plus it is a lot easier than trying to force someone else to change, right?)

If not now, when?

Please don’t wait until the distance between you has grown too great. Consider couples therapy today. Because you deserve love. And we want to help you have a more healthy, fulfilling, and loving relationship.