5 ways to cultivate an intimate relationship with yourself that will promote intimacy with others

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Do you desire to have love but not sure how to go about getting it? Do you feel stuck in an on-again-off-again relationship? Or is it more like you avoid dating and intimacy for fear of rejection? How about serial dating without ever getting close to people? Feel like the relationship department is full of confusion and struggle but don’t seem to know why?

Many people struggle with romantic relationships, whether you’ve been dating someone for one week or 25 years. If we were never modeled what healthy relationship dynamics look and feel like, we may be doing our best to fill in the gaps. Romantic relationships can often mirror the love we were shown as a child, the attachment style we had with our primary caregivers, or trigger our core wounds (hello Freud!). While therapists love to talk about childhood, romantic relationships are a huge area where unresolved childhood trauma shows up.

With your Counseling Kenya therapist, you can explore the struggles you are currently facing in your romantic relationships or your difficulty in attracting the right partner(s) for you. Whatever type of relationship you are looking for, developing an intimate relationship with yourself through therapy is the foundation for understanding your needs.

You deserve to live a life that is fulfilling and full of the type of relationships that nurture your well-being. Taking yourself to therapy is one of our personal favorite forms of self love!

Here are 5 ways to cultivate an intimate relationship with yourself that will promote intimacy with others:

  • Go to therapy! (you got that one covered 😉
  • Take yourself on a date
  • Assess if you could meet your own need first before seeking fulfillment from others
  • Engage in meditation or journaling to promote self awareness
  • Practice responding to yourself with compassion in the way a lover would when you make mistakes
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