Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety therapist in Mombasa

Anxiety is a buzzword these days, but how do you know when it’s time to get help??

Some degree of stress and anxiety are a natural part of life—but what about when it becomes too much?

When it gets in the way of your relationships…

…when it makes it harder to leave the house…

…Losing interest in things you usually enjoy…

…when you start drinking more than before…

…when it starts to affect your work…

...Inability to concentrate

....Change in sleep (sleeping too much or not sleeping at all)

If you’ve started to feel fearful, intense, constantly worried and overwhelmed, then you’re in the right place. Anxiety therapy can help you

We know you’ve tried everything, and we know you want relief as soon as possible. 

At Counselling Kenya, anxiety isn’t a general issue we treat, it’s our entire focus. We’ve dedicated our lives to receive the best training out there in order to help you feel better faster. 

The thing is, anxiety is actually very treatable with evidence-based approaches like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). 

In fact, CBT alone is 75% effective for overcoming anxiety in as little as 5-12 sessions and is THE most effective form of treatment for those coping with anxiety. 

This means you can trust the time, energy, and investment you make in therapy will be worth it. 

We know it feels like a risk to book that first session, but with our expertise and passion for making sure you get access to the highest level of care available, you can feel confident that each session will be full of helpful tools, skills, and new ways of thinking to help you feel better faster--and long term.

 We’ve dedicated our lives to helping people find calm again.

Change starts now.

Types of anxiety-related issues we specialize in:

-Generalized anxiety
-Panic attacks / Panic Disorder
-Social anxiety / Social Phobia
-Specific phobias
-Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

Struggling with a different type of anxiety not listed here? Reach out for a consultation to learn more about how we can help.

Still not sure if you’re experiencing anxiety?

Here’s a few clues:

-Panic attacks
-Nervousness in social situations
-Difficulty concentrating
-Constant worrying
-Sleep difficulties
-Speaking/performance anxiety
-Avoidance of specific places or situations
-Obsessive or negative thoughts
-Stomach issues
-Tingling sensations in extremities
-Headaches/body aches
-Ringing in the ears
-Elevated heart rate

We also understand anxiety may not be the only struggle you’re facing.

You may also be experiencing:

Depression. Depression often occurs concurrently with anxiety. Depression can sometimes be seen as lamenting the past and feeling hopeless about the future, whereas anxiety can be seen as an intense preoccupation with the future.

Anger Management Issues. Anger Management can be tied closely to anxiety. After all, anger happens because of excess tension in the body, so anxiety can sometimes be the underlying cause of anger. In other words, anger can be the outward expression of internal anxiety.

Trauma. Anxiety can also be a symptom of deeper trauma. In trauma, there are unresolved, triggering memories that largely affect the nervous system. This results in a nervous system response that tells the brain there is an impending threat. Sometimes, treating the trauma is the way to relieve the anxiety.

Addiction, and eating disorder can also often occur simultaneously with anxiety. 

We understand this and specialize in treatments like EMDR (a highly effective trauma therapy) to help you gain and sustain freedom more quickly from these issues so you can live a life you feel good about.

We’ll help you find calm again. Get started today.

Anxiety can be tricky and complicated to address on our own. Get an anxiety therapy today.


Can therapy help anxiety?

Yes! Therapy is one of the best methods to develop the skills and tools to manage and reduce the severity of anxiety. Your therapist will use a variety of methods suited to your needs so that you will be equipped to manage anxiety even after you stop therapy. 

Which therapy is best for anxiety?

There is no one therapy that is best, rather it is a matter of the therapist’s preference. At Counselling Kenya we use evidence-based methods that are proven to be effective in treating anxiety. These include CBT, EMDR, & Mindfulness. 

What happens in anxiety therapy?

Anxiety therapy looks like working with your therapist to develop the awareness skills, management tools, and nervous system regulation to live a life that is filled with more calm. Anxiety therapy will be different depending on which treatment method you are doing with your therapist, however the outcome will be the same. 

Do your therapists specialize in anxiety therapy?

Yes! At Counselling Kenya, all of our therapists specialize in working with anxiety. They are trained in methods like CBT and EMDR, which are proven effective in treating anxiety. While anxiety may present differently in each person, your therapist will work with your specific symptoms. 

How do I know if I need anxiety therapy?

If your symptoms match the “clues” described on this page above, it is likely you will need to seek treatment. Anxiety symptoms can range from mildly bothersome to full-blown unmanageable. Wherever you are on the spectrum, you can always benefit from developing skills and tools in therapy to deal with it when it comes.